Open Bow Conversions

We can take that unused cuddy cabin and transform it into an open bow. The process we use is the same as the manufacturers use.
It must be determined first if your boat will accommodate an open bow. If so, the size and shape are dictated by the boats hull. All upholstery within the cuddy must be removed and in most cases, bulkheads must be fitted. The cut is made and then woodwork and upholstery begins.
During this process, many extras can be included such as inset cupholders, lighting and additional stereo speakers.
The end product is additional seating which has the fit and finish of the original manufacturer.
Determine position for cutTime to cut a hole in a pretty boat.Strip the cuddyStart the woodwork and upholstery.Sorry for the pic quality. Pics are from scans in 2004Have the graphics work with the gelcoat24 AdvantageUpholstery matches rear cockpit.Leaner seat bottoms with inset cupholders.